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Internet Sale


Our 2019 Sale is now closed.  Thank you to all of our bidders.  
2019 Sale Results


This year our auction will be different from the format that we have used in years past. There will not be a sale order and we will be using a horse race style format. We know that it will be a lot different but we feel that not being restricted by a sale order will benefit our customers. Some things will not change. You can come to view the bulls at your convenience. And the bidding will still occur over a week time frame, which gives our customers, more time to compare the bulls. If anyone does not feel comfortable with the bidding format, please let us know and we do have help available. 


How the Horse Race style auction works:

To bid, please visit and click on the “Auctions” tab. If you do not have an account, please click “Click Here to Register” in the User Login box and create an account. Please try to create your account at least 24 hours prior to the close of the sale. After that, click on the sale you would like to bid on. Read the Terms and Conditions, and after reading them, click “Click here if you agree.” You can now bid.  The rules of this static auction are as follows:

• The auction will open on January 17, 2019 and close on Sunday, January 27, 2019 at 2:00 pm CentralTime. This auction is a Horse Race style auction, so ALL LOTS will be extended by 5 minutes if there is a bid on ANY LOT within the last 5 minutes until no more bids are placed. When no bids are placed in the last 5 minutes all lots will be closed simultaneously.

• Each lot will start at a floor price and will be bid up from that price.

• The lots will be bid up in standard increments. You may place a proxy bid. This feature will automatically bid for you (up to a maximum amount set by you)every time a bid is placed against you.

• By selecting “Add lot to watchlist.” You will receive an email every time you are outbid on that selected lot.

Please visit the site regularly and make sure you refresh the page often to keep up with the current bid. It is important to be online during the closing process so you can keep a close eyeon your prospective lots

Contact Aaron Friedt at (701) 590-9597 or Jared Peterson at (605) 641-7573


If you have any questions about the Jerry Knippling & Sons online auction, please contact

Randy at 605-293-3493 (Home) 605-680-3185 (Cell) (email)
Garin 605-293-3289 (Home) 605-680-4637 (Cell) (email).


Marc Hotchkiss
 605-490-1513 (cell)
605-866-4495 (office)